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March's theme is the somewhat ominous-sounding Your Numbers Up. The more pedantic amongst you will note the missing apostrophe - a deliberate omission as we're after photos containing or about numbers, rather than impending doom.


Numbers are everywhere; they're so ubiqitous that we rarely notice them: on roadsigns, buildings, vehicles. We're asking members to show us images that include or are inspired by numbers - integers, fractions, ratios and formulas are all welcome. We're counting on our members to show some imaginative images on 21st March.


This month we are also encouraging members to submit prints. You can submit up to three, or any combination of digital or print images for the theme and one for the Image of the Month. For more information go to Guidance on the 2024 Programme page.


Your number's up for your entries at 9pm on Wednesday 20th March.


All our themes for 2024, plus dates for all our other events are on our 2024 Programme page.

We had a fascinating presentation on composition from Chris Upton a while back so we were looking forward to welcoming him back in person for his Simply Black & White presentation - he didn't disappoint. Black and white photography seems deceptively simple, but not all subjects are suited to it and simply converting a colour image to monochrome rarely produces great art.


Chris explains on his website that he started his photographic journey using black and white film. Now he says he is, '...increasingly drawn towards the simple beauty of monochrome which strips away the confusion of colour and asks us to appreciate the light, tone, texture and detail in our images.'.


He broke his talk into several sections each covering an aspect of when black and white works better than colour. These included removing colour to allow the viewer to concentrate on the subject, giving as examples some gritty and moving photos from his Thoresby Colliery documentary project. Conveying mood, especially when you want to introduce drama, is another important use - this can been further enhanced by long exposures.


This was an informative and interesting presentation that encourages you to shoot black and white whether you do so already or are yet to start.


This presentation was one of a number of talks we have organised for our 2024 programme. To make sure you don't miss out on future events have a look at our Programme page.

Justin Minns gave a superb talk to us a couple of years back via Zoom, so we're very pleased he's coming back to present another: 'A Learning Curve' - this time in person. Since his last talk he has become a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society - take a look at the beautiful photos he submiited for his Presentation Panel.


On his website Justin describes himself as, 'An award-winning professional landscape photographer - best known for my images of East Anglia - but my work takes me to many parts of the world, creating atmospheric imagery for clients including the National Trust, British Museum and English Heritage'.


About 'A Learning Curve' Justin says, 'Over the last few years I have become increasingly absorbed by landscape photography. This presentation aims to pass along some of the things I have learnt during that time, illustrated by plenty of images'. We're very much looking forward to it.


The talk is on Thursday 27th June in The Baptist School Room, West Haddon, Guilsborough Road, NN6 7AD from 7pm for a 7:30pm start. You don't have to be a WHPC member - guests are most welcome for £7 per person. Email for more details and tickets.

© Chris Upton

March's Theme - Your Numbers Up

Simply Black & White - A Talk by Chris Upton ARPS

Our theme for February's Show and Tell meeting was Still Life - this was also the subject of a Knowledge Night meeting we held towards the end of last year and we hoped members would use some of the tips they picked up.


Almost any inanimate object or objects can be used as a subject and you have complete control of how you want to arrange them and take your photo. However this is also the challenge: what subjects to use; how to arrange them to best effect; how to light it; from what angle and at what focal length do you use?


Some members sidestepped the difficulties of arranging their own compositions and photographed things they had found. However it was images with subjects that had been carefully composed that appealed most to the members - a thirst-making Scotch on the Rocks by Colin Waite and the visually punning Feargal by David Kallmeier were runners up. The favourite by a single vote was Adrian Chandler's Still Life With Door, taken during the Still Life workshop.

Once the theme photos have been displayed we take a break and then view the Image of the Month photos. These can be of any subject but must have been taken since the last Show and Tell meeting.


For the second month in a row the weather, this time seemingly incessant rain, had thwarted many of us from venturing outside. Those who had stayed in the local area submitted photos with an early spring flavour - crocuses (on a rare sunny day), snowdrops and, more topically, a flooded field reflecting trees. Others had escaped the UK, heading off to Africa and the tropics.


And it was an image from the tropics - Mauritius - that was voted the favourite. Sunset by Liz Parker shows a beach with boats and people enjoying the sea under a glorious sky, with clouds set afire with the last light of the sun.


All the images submitted this month are available to view in the Member's Images gallery. Which photo would you have voted for? Let us know by emailing

Still Life - February's Theme

West Haddon Photo Club is a friendly group of people who enjoy photography and meet regularly to show and talk about our images. You're welcome, no matter what camera you use - and if you want to improve your skills we'll be happy to offer help and encouragment.


To see what we get up to take a look at our most recent events below and our Programme for this year. For more information about the club head over to the About Us page.

A Learning Curve - A Talk by Justin Minns FRPS

Fishing boats on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk © Justin Minns

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