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This month's theme saw us moving away from nature and into the built environment of towns, cities and the people who frequent them. It's easy to overlook the buildings that surround us in urban areas and many of us pay them scant attention.


Our members were challenged to navigate this urban jungle and produce engaging and interesting images. They approached this in varied and imaginative ways: the juxtaposition of old and new structures; how some buildings mirrored others; focussing on pleasing and surprising details and seeing how people inhabited these spaces.


Our members found it hard to choose how to cast their votes, however, there were two that were more popular:  42nd Street, NYC by Chrissie Shun, a clever reflection of an old building reflected in the facade of a new one, and, with one vote more, the most popular image was The Staircase (far left) by Colin Waite a spiral wooden staircase etched with the patina of use and history.

Urban / Architectural - November's Theme

We're nearly at the end of the year - where has 2023 gone? As is customary West Haddon Photo Club's final theme of the year will be Images of the Year. This works like our usual monthly Image of the Month round we have except we want our members to submit three images they've taken this year,


There's no theme so this is a good opportunity to submit those cracking photos you took that just weren't right for any of the themes we had this year. Before you do, take a look at the programme for 2024 to see if they might fit into one of next year's themes.


By the way, there's no Image of the Month this month, instead we're having a look at some of the photos our members took during our Weedon Depot Photoshoot. So, if you went along to that enjoyable photoshoot, upload up to five of your favourite photos you took that evening.


Oh, and Christmas nibbles - there'll be plenty of those at this month's meeting, instead of the usual refreshments.


Take a pause from decking your halls and please submit your images before 9pm Wednesday, 13th December.

Around this time of year you start to see houses covered in multicoloured, flashing lights, reindeer and santas, each one seemingly using the same electricity as a small town. These are not only a great deal of fun to see they also generate quite a few pounds for charity.


For an extra event that's not in this year's published programme we will be organising a photo tour of the more flamboyant sites on Thursday 21st December. We plan to take a small number of cars to visit and photograph the bright lights as well as take the opportunity for a natter.


More details will be shared at the final Show and Tell meeting of the year on 14th December.

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Steve Williams - Street Photography

Our January talk is somewhat different from the ones we normally have, and that's not just because it will take place via Zoom. Documentary photography and photography projects are topics we've never touched upon and these what JP Stones will guide us through, using his own considerable experience.


The Charro, and the Unexpected Rewards of a Long Term Photography Project to give the talk its full title, is JP's presentation about a five year photography project documenting the lives and work of these Mexican horsemen. JP will explain how to tell a story with images to connect with your audience and explore the challenges and rewards that are part and parcel of a long term photography project. The extraordinary results of this and his other projects can be seen on his website.


As mentioned above this is a Zoom talk because JP is based in Mexico, but it will save you going out on a cold January evening. WHPC members can attend for free - a link will be sent out closer to 18th January. If you're not a member you're still welcome to join in - the cost is £5 - please email for more details.

Each month, after the photos submitted for the Theme have been displayed, we have a short break and then look at our members' Image of the Month. These are photos that have been taken since our last meeting. There's no set theme so there's usually a great variety of subjects.


This month there were a couple of images of a bicycle rack and a windmill that would have sat happily in our Theme round, a couple of toadstools, a fallow deer in Bradgate Park and two classic motors, one more sprightly than the other.


Following the members' vote there was a tie for the most popular image and the two could hardly be more dissimilar. Colin Waite's delightful woodland study of a Trooper Funnel fungus (above right) and Red Chevy (left) by Adrian Chandler whose subject was someone with a wistful expression looking at this vehicle.


The Members' Images page includes all the images submitted this month. Let us know which ones you would have voted for.

December's Theme - Images of the Year

Christmas Lights - Last Photoshoot of the Year

J P Stones - The Mexican Charro!

© JP Stones

For November's Knowledge Night we extended a welcome to Steve Williams who gave us a talk about Street Photography. This genre of photography has produced some truly memorable images. But what makes a good street photo and how do you approach this subject? Steve's talk offered advice on how to take photos in situations that some people may find intimidating.


He currenty uses an OM-1 camera and one of his favourite lenses is the 8mm (16mm full frame equivalent) fisheye. This equipment was used for some of the copious selection of images from his favourite locations - London, Birmingham and Tokyo amongst them. Whlist this is a rewarding genre there are potential issues with the legality (basically you're fine on public land) and confrontation - Steve has had negligible problems with this.


This was an enjoyable evening that has made many of those attending want to challenge themselves to have a go.


Steve's photography isn't confined to street, he also photographs nature, sport and travel - have a look at his website.

© Steve Williams