Club Meetings & Events

We have four different type of meetings: Show and Tell, Knowledge Night, Photo Shoots and Click & Natter.


Show and Tell


Held every third Thursday, apart from August, these meetings are a chance to share and talk about our images and give and receive friendly, constructive comments and advice. Members are invited to submit up to three digital images (and/or prints at some meetings) on that month's theme and a single Image of the Month of any subject, taken since the previous Show and Tell meeting. Meetings start with refreshments at 7pm in the Baptist Schoolroom, Guilsborough Road, NN6 7AD, then at 7:30pm we start showing the images. Each month's theme is listed below and guidance on how to submit images is at the bottom of this page. Non-members are welcome to attend two of these meetings free of charge.


Knowledge Night


Taking place usually on or around the fourth Thursday, apart from August, Knowledge Nights are a great way to increase your photographic skills, experiment, or just have some photo fun. They include tutorials, demonstrations and talks on various aspects of photography - some delivered by professional photographers - to opportunities to ask for advice or an explanation about any aspect of photography. Meetings will be held in the Baptist Schoolroom unless otherwise advised and the list of subjects is below. Non-members may purchase tickets to attend talks by speakers.


Photo Shoots


We try to arrange a couple of visits a year to photographically interesting locations to allow for exploration and practice with like-minded people. Occasionally these are organised with other photo clubs which allows us to meet and exchange ideas and tips.


Click & Natter


This is an informal gathering of members who meet for a coffee at the Pytchley (one of the sponsors of our Photo Show) in West Haddon at 10am, usually the first Wednesday in the month. Discussion covers photography, previous and forthcoming WHPC club meetings and much else. The dates for these meetings are below.

2024 Programme

Take a look below for our meetings and events. Why not download a handy Programme Handout or a more detailed Programme Guide for easy reference?

For more information on any of our events or if you’ve a talk you think we’d be interested in hearing please email the Programme Secretary - .

Digital Images


Up to four digital images may be submitted. Up to three on the monthly theme (see above) that can have been taken at any time, plus one Image of the Month that doesn't need to follow the theme but must have been taken since the previous meeting. These images will be shown and discussed at the monthly meeting.


When submitting digital images please follow the points below:


  • We prefer you to upload the images to Dropbox or email them to by 9pm the evening before the meeting. If you're unable to upload or email you can copy them onto a USB stick or CD and hand them to a committee member before the cut-off time.
  • Your images must be in JPEG format, smaller than 4Mb in size. If you need help resizing, have a look at our tutorial Reducing Image File Sizes with JPEG-Optimizer).
  • The filename should be in the format 1_Name of Image_Name of Photographer, e.g. 1_Silver Machine_Dave Brock. Use the prefix 2 or 3 for your 2nd and 3rd theme images and IOM as a prefix for your image of the month.
  • The images must not have been submitted before.



At the meetings when members may submit prints as well as digital images for the theme, please follow the points below:


  • Up to three prints may be submitted in lieu of digital images.
  • Prints must be securely fixed to a robust mount to allow display on a frame and labelled with the title and member's name.

  • Prints must be no larger than A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) with a mount no larger than 50cm x 40cm.

  • They must email with the image titles, number of prints being submitted and their sizes prior to 2100 hrs on the day before the meeting.

  • Submit their prints at the Show and Tell meeting by 19:15.

Show and Tell Image and Print Submission Guidance

Monthly Show and Tell Meeting Themes

Still Life

Your Numbers Up


After Sunset

April 20th
May 18th

Northamptonshire Architecture

Flower Power

Never Mind the Weather

Seen Better Days


June 22nd
July 20th
September 21st
October 19th
November 16th

Images Of The Year & Social Event

December 14th
January 12th
February 16th
March 16th

Calendar Shots & AGM

August Challenge

August to be announced

Monochrome - Chris Upton

Make Your Own Photobook

Harlestone Wild Garlic Walk

Evening of Wildlife - Nigel Spencer

We welcome Nigel Spencer to present this talk to us. It will showcase all sorts of different species and habitats from some of the many places he has been fortunate enough to visit. Kingfishers, butterflies, penguins and polar bears are likely to feature.

Skills Surgery

Northampton Uni Riverside Campus

Knowledge Night - TBA

Photo Show

A Learning Curve - Justin Minns

An informal Knowledge Night meeting where anyone can come along and ask photography-related questions. Want to know what something means; what's this button for; how do I do this? We'll try and help you find an answer.

The Mexican Charro! - JP Stones

Knowledge Night - TBA

This talk was somewhat different from our normal ones. JP Stones gave a presentation on documentary photography - how to tell a story with images. This talk was via Zoom as JP is based in Mexico, but it saved going out on a cold January evening.

We welcome back Chris Upton to give us a talk on monochrome and this time in person. In Simply Black and White Chris will explain why he is drawn towards the simple beauty of monochrome. This presentation will be an ideal springboard for our monochrome theme in April.

We'll be meeting up at the University of Northampton Riverside Campus in the early evening to photograph some of the interesting buildings in the area. There's also the River Nene and Becket's Park just next door, so there'll be plenty to photograph.

Many of us have hundreds of images on our hard drives - we may print a handful for our walls or Photo Show, but what to do with the rest. One suggestion is to create a photobook. This Knowledge Night will talk about what services are available and how to compile one.

For our first photo shoot this year we'll be meeting up in Harlestone to walk amongst and take photos of wild garlic. You'll be able to try some landscape shots of the garlic under the trees or close-ups of the delicate flowers. You can show some for November's Flower Power theme.

Justin Minns is an award-winning landscape photographer, who is best known for his atmospheric images of East Anglia. We are pleased that he's coming to talk to us again about landscape photography. Justin will be passing on some of the things he has learned over the years.

Arrangements are still being made for this month's Knowledge Night and details will be advised to members in due course.

This is the major event in our club's year. A two day exhibition of print and digital images in All Saints' church. It's our aim to encourage everyone to submit their photos, whether or not they are a member of a photo club. Photos will be on display throughout the church.

Knowledge Nights, Photo Shoots & Other Events

Arrangements are still being made for this month's Knowledge Night and details will be advised to members in due course.

Following the success of our first calendar for 2024 we're asking our members to submit images that they would like to see in the Club's 2025 calendar. Photos will need to have been taken in and around Northamptonshire and in landscape format.

Last September we held a Still Life Knowledge Night to let members have a go at this type of photography. Now's their chance to put that experience into practice and submit their own still life photos.

Don't worry - this isn't an ominous warning, just this month's theme. We're asking members to show us images that include or are inspired by numbers - integers, fractions, ratios and formulas are all welcome. You are welcome to submit prints at this meeting.

We hope our members will have been inspired by Chris Upton's Monochrome talk on 29th February and want to have a go at this genre. Removing colour allows photographers to concentrate on forms, shapes and story.

Counterintuitively twilight and night time can open a world of photographic opportunities. Cityscapes look great in the blue hour and artificial light, you can light paint to create other-worldly scenes and a universe of astrophotography is available.

Northamptonshire contains some superb architecture - it has a large number of stately homes, as well as many fine modern buildings and picturesque churches. We want to celebrate these structures in this month's theme. You are welcome to submit prints at this meeting.

We'll be trying to prove the aphorism that less is more for this month's theme. Reducing the amount of 'clutter' in an image and concentrating on only the essential elements can produce photos that are calming and are sometimes called 'fine art'.

We don't hold any club meetings in August, instead we set a challenge for our members that may either be a theme or project. This year's challenge is yet to be set and will be announced at a meeting and shown here.

It's meant to be all that the British talk about. Rain, hail, sun, wind and snow - we can expect all of these on a typical summer's day. With the variability of the weather a certainty it should provide our members with enormous scope for their theme images this month. You are welcome to submit prints at this meeting.

'Things were always better in the past', is something you often hear and the march of time leaves its mark everywhere. Weathering, disrepair, dilapidation and dereliction can make buildings and objects interesting by adding a patina of time.

At this time of the year with its colder, shorter days we can cheer ourselves up by looking at photos of flowers. They will help bring back the colours of spring and summer and momentarily hold back the onset of winter.

No theme this month and instead of an Image of the Month, it's Images of the Year. Your favourite three images you've taken this year. And as it's nearly Christmas there's extra nibbles and cake! You are welcome to submit prints at this meeting.

If you'd like to be invited to our forthcoming events, please add your name and email address below and we'll add you to our mailing list.

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Click & Natter Coffee Mornings

These are our monthly informal get-togethers when a group of WHPC members meet at the Pytchley in West Haddon for a couple of coffees and to talk about photography and other subjects. It's a great opportunity to ask someone how they got the shot they showed at the last Show and Tell meeting, or to suggest photogenic locations for others to go. There's usually a couple of committee members there too, so you can let them know what you think about the club!


Meetings start at 10am on Wednesday and the dates for 2024 are:


January 10th            February 14th            March 13th            April 10th

May 15th                  June 12th                    July 10th               August 14th

September 11th       October 9th                November 13th     December 4th

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